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Are you looking for an opportunity to expand your business and tap into the growing market for affordable and reliable transportation in Africa? Look no further than Bajaj RE three-wheelers, available for bulk purchase to sell in the African market!

Our three-wheelers are designed to meet the needs of businesses and individuals in Africa, providing a cost-effective and dependable mode of transportation. With their fuel-efficient engines, sturdy builds, and customizable options, Bajaj RE three-wheelers are perfect for a range of applications, from cargo transportation to passenger transport and beyond.


By purchasing in bulk, you can take advantage of our competitive pricing and stock up on the vehicles you need to sell in the African market. With our support and training, you can become a trusted supplier of Bajaj RE three-wheelers, offering a reliable and sought-after product to customers in need of transportation solutions.

In addition to their reliability and versatility, our three-wheelers are also easy to maintain and repair, ensuring that your customers can continue to operate their vehicles with ease. Our excellent after-sales support, including access to genuine spare parts, ensures that you can provide your customers with the service and support they need to keep their vehicles running smoothly.

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Warehouse 06, Area LIU10, Block AF, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, UAE.

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  • Warehouse 06, Area LIU10, Block AF, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, UAE.