Avanti Automobile Trading LLC has been incorporated in 2014 and is part of the RK Globals Group with its head office based in Al Quoz, Dubai. RK Globals handles the international distribution while Avanti looks after UAE.

Expertise in International Business: Avanti Automobile Trading LLC is part of the RK Globals Group, which handles international distribution. This suggests that the company has experience in dealing with cross-border operations and logistics. If Avanti extends its expertise to manpower services, they could leverage their international network to facilitate the recruitment and transportation of Indian manpower to businesses in UAE.

Established Presence in India: Since Avanti is part of the RK Globals Group, which has an extensive network spanning various countries including India, they may have established connections and partnerships in India. This could give them access to a pool of potential candidates for various job roles, helping businesses find the right talent for their needs.

Experience in Managing Human Resources: Avanti's success in the automotive industry could indicate that they have a skilled team capable of managing various aspects of human resources. They might be able to handle recruitment processes, visa and work permit processing, accommodation arrangements, and other logistics involved in bringing Indian manpower to work in the UAE.

Tailored Solutions for Businesses: Avanti's success is attributed to its dedicated and experienced team. If they extend their services to manpower solutions, they could offer customized solutions to businesses based on their specific workforce needs. This could include providing skilled labor, technicians, professionals, or workers for various industries.

Cultural Understanding: Avanti's presence in multiple countries suggests that they have a good understanding of various cultures and business practices. When dealing with international workforce recruitment, cultural understanding is crucial for creating a harmonious work environment for the recruited employees.

Industry Knowledge: Avanti's involvement in the automotive industry, along with its impressive growth, implies that the company has a deep understanding of workforce requirements for diverse sectors. This knowledge could translate into offering tailored solutions to businesses seeking manpower from India.

Recruitment and Screening: If Avanti expands its services to include manpower solutions, they could assist businesses by handling the entire recruitment process. This could involve sourcing candidates, conducting interviews, verifying qualifications, and performing background checks to ensure the selected candidates meet the required quality standards.

Cultural Adaptation: With a broad network spanning various regions, Avanti likely possesses insights into cultural nuances and differences. This awareness is crucial for selecting candidates who can seamlessly integrate into the UAE's business environment, enhancing overall productivity and collaboration.

Regulatory Compliance: International recruitment often involves navigating complex legal and regulatory frameworks. Avanti, with its international presence, could help businesses navigate the legal aspects of hiring foreign manpower, ensuring compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

Streamlined Processes: Avanti's success is indicative of efficient operational processes. If they extend their services to manpower acquisition, they could streamline the hiring process for businesses, minimizing administrative burden and reducing time-to-hire.

Customized Manpower Solutions: Each business has unique workforce requirements. Avanti could collaborate with businesses to understand their specific needs and tailor manpower solutions accordingly, whether it's for technical roles, administrative positions, or specialized expertise.

Access to Talent Pools: Avanti's association with RK Globals Group might grant them access to a diverse pool of talent from different countries. This can be advantageous for businesses seeking a wide range of skill sets and expertise.

Avanti is a leading supplier of Autocycles, Motorcycles, All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s) and Golf Carts for UAE. Avanti’s range of products are manufactured in world class facilities across China, Taiwan, India, USA and Italy. Avanti handles sales and distribution of iconic brands such Fantic Motorcycles and Linhai for UAE.

The company has grown phenomenally in a span of just 18 years with establishments & network spanning the Middle East, Africa, USA, Latin America and South Asia. RK Globals has sold over 1,000,000 vehicles ranging from Motorcycles, Scooters, Three Wheelers, Mini Buses, Trucks, Tractors, Electric Vehicles (Kick scooters, Mopeds & Golf carts) across various Global markets such as Angola, Mozambique, Madagascar, South Africa, Cameroon, DR Congo, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Mauritius, USA, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Morocco, Senegal, Tanzania etc.

Our achievements can be attributed to our long standing customer relationships. Our team of dedicated, qualified, committed, and experienced professionals work relentlessly to service our customers. The business is led by our founder Gautam Jain who has over 23 years of Business Experience and is ably supported by Sandeep Rathore, Head of International Business and Urath Rajpal, Chief Operating Officer.



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