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Thanks to the larger section wheels and the lower centre of gravity, the new ISSIMO stands for safety and stability in the urban context presenting pitfalls such as rails, manholes and cobblestone streets. Unique and customizable design with accessories and covers in ten different colours.

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BAFANG M500, Torque/Coppia: 95 Nm


Aluminum frame, Unix Design, One Size / Colors: Black, White, Silver.


Enviolo City


16Th Chain rings

Tires (URBAN):


Lubrication system:

VEE-TIRE Co - 20"X4" Speedster

Wheels :

Gipiemme 20" FAT

Battery :

Fantic, Lithium Ion, 36 Volt, 630Wh

Fork :

Zoom 80mm

Crankset :

40Th Chain rings

Front/Rear brake:

Radius BH-M960

Tires (FUN):

VEE-TIRE Co - 20"X4" Mission Command


Led, front TRELOCK Veo 50 / rear: SPANNINGA Pimento

Define your style with a wide choice of custom covers, available in five transparent colors (Vivid Lime, Chili Pepper Red, Neon Orange, Island Blue, Violet) and five opaque (Jet Black, Silver, Outdoor Green, Rose Gold, White). Now you're ready to make your ISSIMO unique!

Full of components that enhance the model: Front and back LED light to face the city in complete serenity. Shock-absorbing fork that absorbs the irregularities and obstacles of the road, Shimano gearbox integrated in the hub with front and back disc brake for a pleasant use whatever is your driving style, 630Wh battery that provides up to 100km between each charge and 20" wheels in different versions: off-road for Fun, smooth and sliding for the Urban.

Designed and developed by Fantic, the special frame in pressed aluminum, with intertwined tubes offers the right compromise between safety and style. Strong, but light, it gives practicality and manageability. Unique in the market, a Made in Italy pride.

ISSIMO is also the name of the new APP that will allow you to manage and organize, quickly and easily, a lot of information about your ebike. It displays directly on your smartphone the speedometer, the status of the vehicle and the battery, satellite navigation and usage statistics, with the possibility to share the activity on Social Media. The App also has a GPS-Tracking function of ISSIMO on the move, with notification/warning on the Smartphone, even if it is moved from its parked position.

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